Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Dental Stem cell banking is now available in Delhi, with launch of various dental stem cell banks. Stem Cells can be easily obtained from Dental Pulp of deciduous(milk) teeth of children or from permanent teeth of adults below 30 years. Deciduous teeth of children which are about to fall as normal process of growing up or young adults who are going for premolar extraction for orthodontic treatment(braces) can give their teeth for Stem Cell Banking.
The stem cells are used to repair and cure 'tissue and organ related diseases' like bone, cartilage, liver, diabetes, arthritis and many more. These stem cells are preserved at temperature below -150 degrees. This eliminates the need to find a suitable donor and associated complication.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Welcome to our new blog!!


So finally after constant demand from clients our blog is up.

Here you can

-> share your dental problems and seek treatment advise
-> get a glimpse of the latest cutting edge technology in treatments
-> view how other patients are dealing with their dental issues
-> and off course  be a part of our Dental Awareness Campaign